The Colors of Me is a series for young readers who have difficulty embracing their unique differences. The children in these stories are not treated nicely because of their different characteristics, but they find ways to proudly love themselves with the help of others. For the parents of young readers, take the opportunity to discuss the positive messages each story brings and relate it to your child's life.


Chi-Chi is a young and inquisitive girl who lives with her mother . She finds joy in embracing her culture and is delighted about the threaded hair style her mom created for her. The excitement of her hair quickly fades away when the other children begin to taunt her and reject the idea of being different. Read more to find out how Chi-Chi learns about her culture, loving her differences and how to treat others.
Kambiri is a mild mannered boy who enjoys his summers away from school. After speaking with his friends during lunch time, he learns that his summertime festivities may be limited since he uses a wheelchair to move around. Read more to find out how Kambiri gains his confidence, shows courage to explore different things and makes new friends.
Ayumi is an energetic child that takes great pride when her family cooks authentic cuisine together. She is ecstatic about bringing her favorite dish to school. But, her pride turns to dismay when the other children turn their noses up at her lunch. Read more to find out what Ayumi discovers about her heritage and how she gains respect from others.